My Sunday Cup Of Tea

My Sunday Cup Of Tea: Introduction

Well, this is pretty random.

Sooo, I started my blog a while ago but really got into it only lately and you know, I was still trying to figure out how everything worked (let’s just say this process is not exactly over yet) and now I feel a bit more confident about my blog and really wanted to make it a bit more personal.

Therefore, HERE WE ARE.

I’m sure there is something similar out there but I wanted to create my own personalised meme and I decided to call it “My Sunday Cup Of Tea”.

Now, as you could have guessed from the title this will be something I will post (hopefully) every Sunday. The topic of these posts you ask? Well, I will be talking about something (book related) as if we were chatting in front of a cup of tea (therefore the weird title).

So, just to be clear, “My Sunday Cup Of Tea” is a weekly meme I came up with where the subject will just be something pretty random that will make my blog feel more like me. I’m going to post some thoughts, a weekly wrap up, what to expect from the next week if there is something exciting etc.

I hope you like this idea and feel free to comment but I just honestly like to talk about things book related since I don’t have many friends who share my same interest for books and this is just an excuse to get into it.

For this first post, since I’ll be doing a monthly wrap up tomorrow, I decided to just introduce this new idea.

Sometimes I feel like I have so many ideas but not enough time to realise them or organize myself better. For example, I’m already thinking about joining other memes and start posting a bit more on my blog and I would also love to start my bookstagram (?) page (although I really don’t know where I’m going to find the time to keep up with everything).

Gaah so many things to do and so little time. But still, I’m going to try, maybe not right now and all at once, but I’ll get there eventually.

So, this is everything for this Sunday, feel free to let me know what you think about it and if you too have so many ideas and not enough time.

Love x

– Ell ♡




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